Friday 12. February 2016
US Teaching Assistantships
at Austrian Secondary Schools
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Hailey Clowdus

USTA 2012/2013

Daniel Ferguson

USTA 2011/12

Aaron Figurski

USTA 2011/12

Amanda Dalaba

USTA 2011/12

Patara Nimsombun

USTA 2012/13



After you have been accepted to the US Teaching Assistantship Program it is important to consult the Timeline and pre-departure checklists regularly. Both resources provide USTAs with valuable information on action items to be completed before departing for Austria. There is also a section containing useful pre-departure advice that USTAs are encouraged to read before coming to Austria.


USTAs will receive an electronic copy of the Pre-Departure Handbook, which outlines the most important procedures and action items in greater detail. TAs are encouraged to make use of the resources section of this website, as it provides useful links, pointers on applying for a residency permit and registering with the Austrian authorities, teaching resources, and more.



Access to the Fulbright Forum is only available to current and former participants in the offered program. Please read the Fulbright Forum guidelines before you register!

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