Sunday 23. October 2016
US Teaching Assistantships
at Austrian Secondary Schools
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Kristin Gilbank

USTA 2011/2012

Daniel Ferguson

USTA 2011/12

Nicholas Santangelo

USTA 2011/12

Patara Nimsombun

USTA 2012/13

Aaron Figurski

USTA 2011/12

Description of Position


US teaching assistants are assigned to one to three Austrian secondary schools and required to assist teachers of English in classroom instruction for 13 hours per week. No two USTAs have the same experience. However, some of a USTA's weekly duties might include team-teaching a lesson with an English teacher, discussing a topic from the text book with a small group of students, engaging in one-on-one conversation practice with pupils, helping all or part of a class review for a test or designing and teaching a unit on an aspect of US culture or a current event. Activities will vary depending upon the needs of the students and teachers.


US teaching assistants are expected to work independently in a wide variety of institutional settings all over Austria.  They are assigned to different kinds of schools in communities large and small.  They must have the capacity to negotiate cultural differences and to solve problems that arise on a day-to-day basis.


Applicants should have at least an undergraduate degree, a working knowledge of German (intermediate-mid or above according to the ACTFL guidelines) and should be interested in careers in education. Prospective teachers of German or TESOL and/or graduates with a documented interest in Austrian studies are particularly encouraged to apply.

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Fulbright Commission

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